i'm a fun guy. not to be confused with fungi. gross.


Lol I haven’t been home in a week and the kitchen / living room is still a mess. It’s like my roommate is trying to piss me off. Would it be unreasonable to wake her and her boyfriend up now at 3:30 am and show them how annoyingly sloppy and inconsiderate they are? No? Cool.


Was about to follow someone purely based on a selfie, then clicked their profile:

" this is my blog. I like music, food, and boobs. "

Whoops. Never mind.


All set up at Pete’s Mini Zine Fest, and I’ll be here til 7pm.
Come by Pete’s Candy Store (Lorimer L/G train) for a beer and to check out zines and trinkets from me and 20 other makers and indie press.